CC Kawasaki Energy Park

CC Kawasaki Energy Park, which was certified as a Next-Generation Energy Park by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, is a place with a focus on renewable energy supply facilities, where you can enjoy learning about Kawasaki's environmental initiatives and technologies through hands-on experiences.
Additionally, it is also one of the leading energy parks that allow visitors to tour energy supply facilities along with Japan's historical and caltural centers.

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Life Science & Environment research center Kawasaki Eco Gurashi Mirai-kan Kawasaki Mega Solar Power Plant Ogishima Wind Power Station Iriezaki Wastewater Treatment Center Kawasaki Biomass Station Kawasaki Station East plaza Egasaki Power Plant Saginuma Power Station St. Marianna University School of Medicine Energy Center Ozenji Munisipal Solid Waste Disosal Center Minamigawara Children's Culture Center Nakahara Ward Office International Center Tokyu Toyoko Line's Motosumiyoshi Station NEC Tamagawa Renaissance City Asao Ward Office Takatsu Ward Office

Kawasaki ward

Saiwai ward

Nakahara ward

Takatsu ward

Miyamae ward

Asao ward

Tama ward

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