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At our Museum,
you can experience and learn about the environment,
in Kawasaki and the world.

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Study rooms and conferefce room available (for group tours)

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Ukishima Solar Power Generation Plant Ukishima Inceniration Plant

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1F "Guidance Zone"

Guidance Zone Power-generating Capacity Monitor Aerial Photo

Aerial Photo 【Aerial Photo】
Let's take a walk in Kawasaki's sky.

Power-generating Capacity Monitor 【Power-generating Capacity Monitor】
We can see the real time electricity being generated by the Mega Solar.

Observation Camera 【Observation Camera】
Let's check out what the Mega Solar looks like now from the rooftop camera!

Kawasaki's green Facilities 【Map of Kawasaki's green Facilities】
There are many eco-friendly facilities in Kawasaki. Look for them!

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2F "Exhibition Room"

Exhibition Room Power of the earth A Centennial Album of Kawasaki Earth in crisis Environmental Potential of the Coastal area わたしたちとエネルギー Go for green living Recycling products 資源循環チャレンジ行動でエコ暮らし 資源循環のみちのり

Global Warming Challenge Zone

Earth in crisis 【Earth in crisis】
What is happening to our earth? Stroke the earth to make it clean.

Go for green living 【Go for green living!】
EcoLife at home. Search and find the things that are going waste.

A Centennial Album of Kawasaki 【Life in Kawasaki and its Enviroment : A Centennial Album】
Turn the pages to see our history and think about Kawasaki's environment in the future.

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Renewable Energy Zone

Power of the earth 【Power of the earth】
Renewable energy is a form of energy derived form a natural source on earth, utilized well. Let's take a closer look.

Environmental Potential of the Coastal area 【Environmental Potential of the Coastal area】
Let's try out the latest environmental technologies that are found in Kawasaki's waterfront.

Me, you and energy 【Me, you and energy】
Let's think about how to use energy for the future.

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Resource Recycling Challenge Zone

Recycling products 【Recycling products】
If we properly separate used products, we can recycle and reuse these resources. Let's see how things can change.

The road to resource recycling 【The road to resource recycling】
The resources we throw away - let's learn about the process that these resources go thought and what they change into.

Resource recycling activities for a green life 【Resource recycling activities for a green life】
There are many hints on how to decrese the amount of trash.
Let's start with the ones that you know you can do.

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Ukishima Solar Power Plant(Mega Solar)

 Ukishima Solar Power Plant can be seen from the Observation Space adjacent to the "Kawasaki Eco GurashiMirai-kan".
(Reservation required)

Kawasaki Mega Solar Power Generation Plant * Kawasaki Mega Solar Power Generation Plant
Kawasaki Mega Solar Power Generation Plant, which is composed of two solar power plants in Ukishima and Ogishima area and has a power generation capacity of 20,000kw, is a joint project between Kawasaki-city and Tokyo Electric Power Company.
Ther solar power generation is equal to an annual energy consumption of approximatery 5,900 households.

Ukishima Inceniration Plant

Ukishima Inceniration Plant

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About "Eco-chans"

Logy has a leaf on top of the head (Ecology)
And Nomy has a wallet on top of the head (Economy)

Hand in hand, for the environment and the economy to be friends together, will build our future.

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